For My Brother 2014

The two brothers Aske and Bastian live with their father, Lasse, in a world of fear, violence and alcohol but the brothers' strong and close relationship means everything. Aske must serve his father's sexual needs, as well as paying customers and his father's friend, Hans. Aske tries everything to keep his little brother out of it all so that he won't experience the same as himself. But one day Bastian is abused by their father. The brothers choose to move to Norway, far away in the beautiful mountains. Their friendship outshines everything! They are together and far away from their evil father...

Innerspace 1987

Test pilot Tuck Pendleton volunteers to test a special vessel for a miniaturization experiment. Accidentally injected into a neurotic hypochondriac, Jack Putter, Tuck must convince Jack to find his ex-girlfriend, Lydia Maxwell, to help him extract Tuck and his ship and re-enlarge them before his oxygen runs out.

Mio in the Land of Faraway 1987

They're two best friends, a million miles from home. On an incredible adventure, beyond the boundaries of space and time. A fantasy about a lonely boy who is transferred from his dull life with his adoptive parents to the land where his real father is the king.

Min 2003

A young teacher named Yasmin ("Min") goes off in search of her birth mother.

My Granny's House 1984

Danish author Soya's acidly funny turn-of-the-century memoir novel turned into a robust black comedy. After his mother's death, tiny tot Søren goes to live with his wilful, rich and stingy Granny, who wants to improve his manners. She also wants to make him sole heir to her fortune, which everybody else covets. Mutual respect, even love, develops between the two. And death by poison enlivens things.

Toni Erdmann 2016

Without warning a father comes to visit his daughter abroad. He believes that she lost her humor and therefore surprises her with a rampage of jokes.

My Skinny Sister 2015

Just as Stella enters the exciting world of adolescence she discovers that her big sister and role model Katja is hiding an eating disorder. The disease slowly tears the family apart. A story about jealousy, love and betrayal told with warmth, depth and laughter - on and off the ice.

My Neighbor Totoro 1988

Two sisters move to the country with their father in order to be closer to their hospitalized mother, and discover the surrounding trees are inhabited by Totoros, magical spirits of the forest. When the youngest runs away from home, the older sister seeks help from the spirits to find her.

My Big Fat Father 1992

Summer of 1959. 11-year old Osvald spend his summer holiday with his parents in the countryside of Södermanland. His father has promised to play soccer with him and get some exercise. He also promised the locals to teach the church choir an Argentine mass. The father has a slight alcohol problem, so will he be able to do it?

Little Manhattan 2005

Ten-year-old Gabe was just a normal kid growing up in Manhattan until Rosemary Telesco walked into his life, actually into his karate class. But before Gabe can tell Rosemary how he feels, she tells him she will not be going to public school any more. Gabe has a lot more to learn about life, love, and girls.

Amarcord 1973

In an Italian seaside town, young Titta gets into trouble with his friends and watches various local eccentrics as they engage in often absurd behavior. Frequently clashing with his stern father and defended by his doting mother, Titta witnesses the actions of a wide range of characters, from his extended family to Fascist loyalists to sensual women, with certain moments shifting into fantastical scenarios.

Min and Bill 1930

Min, the owner of a dockside hotel, is forced to make difficult decisions about the future of Nancy, the young woman she took in as an infant.

Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959

The deep conversation between a Japanese architect and a French actress forms the basis of this celebrated French film, considered one of the vanguard productions of the French New Wave. Set in Hiroshima after the end of World War II, the couple -- lovers turned friends -- recount, over many hours, previous romances and life experiences. The two intertwine their stories about the past with pondering the devastation wrought by the atomic bomb dropped on the city.

The Substitute 2007

6th Grade gets a new substitute teacher. She wants to train the class for an international competition in Paris. But something isn't right. How is she able read kids' minds? Why is she so mean? And how does she manage to convince everyone's parents she is so great when the whole class knows she is really an alien?

Magic in Town 1968

Police constable Møller'og psychiatrist Dr. Mogensen will have something to watch as the Pusle to everyone's surprise finds out that she can do magic. On her birthday she gets sent an ancient, magical figure from her uncle in South America. On the same day Pusle's parents has to travel to London, and the large family is now left to strict aunt Alma.

The Burden 2017

A shopping center along a large highway is the scene of an apocalyptic musical. Animation with a strong sense of form set to auto-tuned music by Klungan. About liberation through great catastrophy.

Min älskade 1979

"My Love" - A drama rich in symbols about an unsuccessful Norwegian bookseller. With a bag filled with quirky literature he wanders through Stockholm, trying to find book buyers.

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